Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My diaper stash

There is and adorable 'Show off your fluff stash' linky going on and since I love cloth so much, I thought I'd join in :)

Top Row - BumGenius OS Pocket Diapers (no inserts), BumGenius All-In-Ones (all but 3 are the sized versions), Wetbag, ArtsyFartsy Foo Foo hemp inserts & some bamboo imserts.
Bottom - Goodmamas (love these for nights!)

In the basket are my covers.  A few Thirsties, a BG Flip (I'm missing one too.... hmm) and a Mamazluv wool soaker.  Next to it is my massive pile of wipes!

Monday, June 21, 2010

No more stuffy noses!

Over the winter I heard a lot about a little gadget used to clean out mucus from babies noses.  At first I thought it was just some sort of bulb attached to a hose.  Then I learned that it was meant to be attached to your mouth.  Yes, you read that right.  Your mouth.  "What?!", you say.

Well, here's the thing.  Regular bulb aspirators can be a pain when it comes to getting stuff out of a nose, and if your baby is anything like all three of mine have been...  they hate them.  My youngest had some chronic boogies for a while and she would scream when I used the bulb.  I didn't want to use some elaborate battery operated device, for a myriad of reasons; using batteries seems anti-eco-friendly, they are more costly, I'd never actually been able to try one, etc. etc.

So, I thought I would give this new device a try.  I contacted the company and they were happy to help.  Just in time it seemed, as we all came down with a cold a day before it arrived.  Boy was I happy when it showed up, my daughter too!

So what is it?  It's the NoseFrida and I love it.  I would (and have) recommended it to my friends and anyone else in need.  It's a very simple device.  It is made of plastic, which is not my favorite material, but bulbs aren't any better, and at least this isn't junk and bound for the trash can.

The NoseFrida consists of a chamber to capture mucus, a hose and mouth piece from which to suck, and a filter between the two.  The filters are meant to be replaced.  I cannot bring myself to throw away things that can be reused in any form, so I wash mine, let it dry and reuse it.  When you use the NoseFrida, the mucus gets nowhere near the filter.  I've never had mucus get past the first inch to inch and a half of the chamber, which is about five inches in length.

There is a great demonstration of how fast this product is to use.  As you can see in this video from The Soft Landing, the child puts up a minor fuss, but nothing compared to what kids do with a bulb aspirator (if it weren't cruel, I'd take a video to show you), and it's much faster!

I know the idea is a bit to get use to.  I too was grossed out by it at first, but I know 100% that I'm not getting anything in my mouth and when my baby is crying and can't breathe from her nose (which is where babies naturally breathe from) I am happy to have my NoseFrida.  I am happy to have a way to fix what is going on with my baby without her ending up in a mess of cries and screams, and that's what really matters.

In addition to it being baby friendly, I think that not having batteries like similar products and simply being an effective product helps it's environmental factor, though I don't believe it's purpose was such.

If you have a little one that could use this, will have or know someone that does, I encourage you to check it out.  It's well worth the saved tears :)

I am hosting a giveaway for this over on The Eco-Friendly Family.  It will be active June 21- 28 (2010).  Head over and enter!  Good luck!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Teachers are people too :)

My son will be starting school next year and I"m having a hard time coping.  He's my baby and I worry.  I like things a certain way and him going to school means me letting go of some control.

An article was shared with me and I think I'll try to keep it in mind when thinking about sending my little boy going off to school.

I hope it helps you too :)

50 Ways Teachers and Parents are Alike

Friday, March 19, 2010

Great Maternity Top

I am all about DIY, so when I saw this top pattern posted, I had to pass it along and store it here for future use :D

It is a wrap top, which I actually may make anyhow in smaller (less wrapping) version.  I am still nursing and LOVE wrap tops, though all of mine are faux.  They make nursing a breeze.

Saturday, February 27, 2010


I was recently give the opportunity to guest post over at Rumble in the Kitchen.  I thought it would share it here too :)

I have fallen in love with Stromboli and wanted to share the recipe that I've played with and keep craving. I hope you like it as much as I do :)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Breastfeeding ABCs

I just saw this posted on a message board and wanted to keep it for future use :)

Colostrum... the perfect first food
Decreased risk of breast cancer
Easy baby care
Few allergies
Good for the whole family
Human milk is specially designed for human babies
Jaw development
Kids get lots of attention when the new baby is breastfed
Laundry is a breeze
Mental development
Oxytocin and prolactin
Protection against many diseases
Quick weight loss for mother
Saves money
Traveling is easy
Understanding the baby's needs
itamins and minerals
Working goes smoothly when the nursing relationship is maintained
eXactly what baby needs
You get to take care of your baby
Zero waste

& 101 Reasons

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Bath Time Song

So, I was just trying to entertain my daughter in the bath and began singing an upbeat tune. I want to remember it, so I thought I'd write it down and while I'm at it, share it with all of you :)