Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Deer Season

So, I went deer hunting for the first time, with a gun. I've gone before with my husband, but never all day and never with the possibility of me harvesting a deer. It was very cold and I didn't get a deer, but it was fun. Mostly it was fun spending the entire day, alone with my husband. We didn't see many deer until we walked out of the woods to leave at sunset. As we came down off of the hill we were on, we saw a single yearling doe in the field below us. I crept around and behind her on the wood line were several others. All does. I had no intention of taking a doe, but I wanted a good look, so I crept around a little more and stood still as the yearling looked around and after several minutes passed, her tail went up, as if to signal that all was safe, and six more does came out across the field with her and then they all continued on their way. It was really amazing to be that close to them, watching nature and us not moving a muscle so that we didn't scare them. They were so beautiful and playful with one another. It really made the day worth it :) I look forward to going again soon.


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