Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Diaper Stash

I thought I'd finally get some pics of my whole stash. The only thing missing here is one Raspberry Thirsties Cover that DD is wearing and a pink BG OS Organic that's on it's way.

12 Brown Edge GMD Prefolds, 4 White Thirsties Covers
Microfiber Inserts, Snappis, 4 Funky Fanny OBV & Zorb doublers, Starbunz Pocket, Fitted made from my pattern, Paddle & Quack large wetbag & wipes wetbag
Bamboozle, 2 Baby Greens Fitteds, BG Fitted, Funky Fanny One-Size OBV & Zorb, Random but cute fitted :)
12 BG OS (9-3.0, 3-2.0)
6 BG OS AIO Organics
7 BG AIOs (1 Med)
15 Thirstoes AIOs
1 Pair of Funky Fanny wool interlock longies, 2 Wool-Lee's recycled wool longis & 2 Wool-Lee's recycled wool soakers
The whole shebang!


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