Thursday, April 2, 2009

Diaper Reviews


A few of these have links to them because they are company specific. There are a few store links at the bottom of the page where you can find the rest of these diapers :)

GMD Prefolds - I have a dozen of these. They are SUPER reliable and work very well. I don’t think you can go wrong with a dozen or so of these added to any stash.

Thirsties Fab Fitteds - I liked these. I wasn’t overly impressed though. They were very easy to use. Very convenient, but not crazy absorbent.

Thirsties AIOs - I loved how trim these were. However, I had leaking issues at different times with these. They’d leak at the legs. Not all of the diapers did it, and not all of the time. It didn’t seam to have any rhyme or reason.

BumGenius AIOs - I LOVE these! I don’t think you can get anything easier or more reliable. I haven’t tried these at nights (the stuffables), so I can’t speak to that, but I love these diapers. They are super easy to use and great for husbands, baby sitters, mothers-in-law, etc!

BumGenius OS – These are my nighttime solution. I love them. They fit well and just work. I have found that sticking the tabs together (to each other, not the laundry tabs) during wash/dry keeps them from curling. No complaints here!

BumGenius Organics OS AIO - I have some of these and want to love them, but I’m on the fence. They fit well, are very trim and I love that they are a natural fiber against baby’s skin. However, they seem to get soaked quickly, which irritates my daughter’s bum. I’m going to stick it out a bit longer and see if I can find the love for these ones.

BumGenius Bamboo Fitteds - I have tried these. They fit well, work okay, but like the Thirsties, I was underwhelmed with their absorbency.

FuzziBunz Pockets – I tried one of the older style ones (pointed wings, not squared). I loved it. I did get rid of it, but only because it was the only one I my stash. It was a good diaper. Pretty trim. No complaints.

Bamboozles – I liked this diaper. It could have offered a bit more in the soaker region, but still works well w/out it.

Baby Green OS Fitted – These are nice, trim and fit well. I’m not crazy about the snap set up on these though. As far as performance, they worked very well. No complaints on that end.

Little Comet Tails OS Fitted – Mine was made by The Funky Fanny. I love this fitted. It fits my daughter very well and I just love it.

Sun Seedlings AIO – I’ve only used one, but I liked it very well. It fit well, was well made and washed well.

Lucy’s Hope Chest AIO – Cute diaper, great fit, well made and wonderful snap in soaker.

Starbunz Pocket Diaper – These are so cute and work crazy well!


Thirsties – These fit and work great.

Other Diaper Stuff

FooFoo Hemp Inserts – LOVE! They are absorbent and thin. I have been using just one during the day in my OS BumGenius and only two at night, both with great success.

Bamboo/Zorb Inserts – Love again! They add a great boost to any diaper. They are relatively thin and very absorbent.

Snappi Fasteners – LOVE! Period.

Where to buy new?

There are so many sites to buy new diapers. These are just a few that I've either used, or know of well enough to promote :) - Use code PNMOMMY and you'll get a $10 discount and free shipping on your first order of $49 or more. They have a limited cloth selection, but the discount is well worth while!

Modern Diapers


Abby's Lane

Thirsties Outlet - You can find great deals on Thirsties products here, it's hit or miss, but a great buy!

Cotton Babies - Huge selection here, and you can also find 2nd quality BumGenius diapers here at wonderfully discounted prices.

Where to buy used?

Diaper Swappers - This is a forum/chat site that has forums where ladies can post what they have for sale. It's a lot to look at, but really pretty simple to use. Just find what you're looking for and post that you are interested, or send the person a private message. You will need to sign up (free) to post and send messages.

Craiglist - You can try your local Craistlist or even other areas, and maybe find someone willing to ship to you.

Diaper Pin - Again, this is a forum based site. You will need to sign up (free). This site also offers diaper reviews.


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