Tuesday, April 7, 2009

So, We're Pregnant

Yea, it's been a while, but I realized that I've never fully put it all out there. So here goes!

We're Pregnant!!!

We got a faiiiiiiiiiint line on January 27th. I'm talking sooooo faint :) See?

Anyhow, I took about 7 or 8 more test over the next 30 hours or so... Each become ever so slightly darker. Finally, close to 9 pm on the 28th, I took a digital :)

So our journey began :) Again :) This makes 3!

On February 12, we had our first ultrasound :) The heartbeat was just 90 BPM, so early at just 5w5d (measured). It's not much to see on ultrasound, but that little heartbeat gave so much relief and joy :)

Just over two weeks after this ultrasound, I was having some spotting (2.28.09). It was pretty persistent and got me worried, so we made a trip the ER (on the day of Lily's birthday party, of all days).

Thankfully once we were seen, they ran some blood work, everything looked good, and then they did an ultrasound. Unfortunately, since this was for an emergency, I got no pictures of our little one :( BUT, I was able to see that everything was fine, no visible sign of why I was spotting. Nothing. The heartbeat was a very strong 167 and baby was measuring in at 8w1d :)

On April 1st, I finally had my first appointment with my doctor. The baby's HB was a great 156 :) I did find out that I have to have weekly shots of progesterone, starting at 16 weeks and going through 35 weeks. I was told that this could help reduce the odds of another premature birth :) I'm not crazy about the idea of shots, but I'll take a healthy baby :)

Well, that's it for now. We're all caught up :)


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