Monday, June 29, 2009

Okay, so I need to post... baby worries

So, I'm on shots to prevent preterm delivery and they've been measuring my cervix.

I'm so overly worried :( It just seems that the closer I get to 33 wks (when I delivered DD) the more worried I get.

For some reason 28 weeks is the one that really gets me. I don't know why and I don't want to say that's when I think things will happen, because I don't want them to. For some reason I'm finding myself increasingly paranoid about things. Little things. Anything that could even remotely be considered a sign of preterm labor.


I know this seems nuts, which is why I'm writing it here instead of bothering anyone with this nonsense.

I was doing so well. Taking things in stride. This pregnancy really is going well. No spotting like my other two. No contractions (I don't think). Nothing. Yet I worry.

I see the doctor again in just over a week (just under two weeks from my last appointment), so that's good.

Anyhow. I just needed to get this out. Thanks for being here blog :)


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