Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hospital Bag Checklists!

So I just finished packing up my hospital bag and a bag for baby :) I thought I would share my complete list. It's hard to find a good list and since I've been through this twice, I thought perhaps mine might be helpful to others as well :)

Not everything on here is a must, but it's what I've found most helpful for making the trip smooth and comfortable.

By the way, if you are nearing the end of your pregnancy and preparing to pack your bags, a HUGE congratulations on your pending arrival :) Many blessings to you, your baby and your family.

Before I get into the list, I want to show a picture of what it looks like all packed up and ready to go. I've seen some lists w/ comments like "OMG, are you bringing the house?", "That's going to take 3 suitcases!", etc. Yes, this list is 'long', but no, it doesn't take up much room and the nurses won't think you're moving in :) The suitcase you see here is about 23 inches tall and 14 inches wide. It's pretty small :)

Okay, here we go :)

For Labor
I have these items in an outside pocket on my suitcase for easy access.

Gown - I just don't want to wear a hospital gown for labor, this is not a necessity.
Headband - Sweat and hair down don't mix well, and a ponytail while laying down isn't comfy.
Suckers - I want sugar free and can't seem to find any, so there are none in my bag :(
Diaper - I cloth diaper and want a diaper ready to go for baby.

For Baby

Outfits - I have a couple of gowns (easy access) and a couple sleepers.
Socks/Mittens - In case you have a scratcher.
Blanket - A special blanket is always nice :)
Body Wash & Lotion - I don't use J&J products, so I am packing some Burt's Bees Baby (no harmful chemicals) in travel size bottles.
Boppy Pillow - Not a must, but I like to have mine.
Diapers - I use cloth and plan to start in the hospital. Clearly not a must for all lists.
Wetbag - This is to store dirty cloth diapers. Again, not a must for all lists.

For the Hospital Stay

Pillow - Hospital pillows are plastic (get hot) and uncomfortable. I used a cheapo white cover, but put some pretty stitching on it so that it doesn't get confused w/ the hospital covers.
Bella Band - Or other tummy holding in device. I want the extra support, but it's not a must.
Pajamas! - Nothing is better than some comfy PJs to lounge around and recover in.
Outfit - For going home or if you just feel like feeling pretty one day.
Underwear - the mesh panties are great that they provide, but you might want some to go home in.
Nursing Tanks - Even if your milk isn't 'in' you'll be nursing, so these are handy and comfy.
Nursing Bra - Again, handy and comfy.
Nursing Pads - You probably won't need these, but they're small and great if you happen to.
Toothbrush - I just picked up a cheapy to toss in my bag.
Toiletpaper - I am bringing a roll. The stuff at the hospital is awful. Some people will say you don't' need this because you won't be wiping, and they're right, you won't be wiping, but you may want to dab yourself dry after using the squirt bottle. I know I do.
Shampoo & Conditioner - You'll likely want to shower. I packed some travel bottles full.
Body Wash - Travel bottle.
Puff Sponge - I am not a fan of wash cloths.
Lotion - Again, travel bottle.
Razor - Even if you don't shave your legs, other parts might like a freshening up.
Mirror - A little one that you can sit on your tray to put some makeup on is nice.
Makeup - You may want some, maybe not. I just tossed in some concealer, mascara, blush and powder.
Lip Balm - Yes this could go w/ makeup but chapped lips aren't fun, so I thought it was important enough to be listed alone.
Hairbands - You might want some :)
Hair Straightener - I straighten my hair and can't stand it otherwise. This is a must for me, not so much for other people.
Towel - They're towels are small and can be rough. Not a must, just a preference and it doesn't take up much room. Just don't bring white (could get confused w/ hospital laundry).
Laundry Bag - For dirties. Could use an old pillow case.
Pads - The hospital will provide some, but once the flow decreases, something smaller is more comfortable.
Extra Contacts - If you wear them.
Contact Solution - If you wear contacts.
Glasses - If you wear them or wear contacts and want them :) (I'm not sure if I'll take these or not.)

Misc. Items

Underwear/Socks for sig. other - If they're staying the night, it might be nice.
Outfit for sig. other - I didn't bring one, but some may want to.
Outfits for kids - We have two kids and it's just always a good idea to have an outfit on hand in case of accidents. Clearly not a must for everyone.
Snacks - For you, your sig. other, kids if you have them. Not a must, but nice.
Gifts - Again, these are for our kids :) I thought it would be nice to have something little for each of our kids :) Nothing big, but something special that they'll enjoy and will entertain them. Baby will be exciting, but I doubt she'll hold their interest long :)
Cash - I've got 4 ones and some change for vending machines, in case anyone wants it.
Camera - Not packed yet, as we use it often, but it will be going :)
Video Camera - Also not packed yet, as we use it often, but it will be going :)
Cell Phone Charger - If you plan on bringing your phone :)


  1. Thank you - this is so incredibly helpful! I am 37 weeks today and we just bought a few more things for my hospital bag and I am about to start packing! Good luck and congrats to you as well :)

  2. I brought one of those little back massagers (the kind w/ the little ball feet, if that makes sense) to have hubby use on me during labor. It was awesome for my tired back!

  3. I'm not a FTM, but this list looks perfect to me, and it's really awesome that it's all typed out, since baby brain has firmly set in. Thanks again for taking the time to do this!