Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Lily's Birth Story

Lilian Grace was born at 33 weeks 3 days on March 2, 2008 at 4:24 am

Weighing 4 lbs 11 oz, 16" inches long, 12" head

I woke up at about 2:20 this Sunday morning. My stomach was feeling a little off and I thought perhaps I needed to pee. So, after fighting it for a moment, I got up and went to the restroom. I sat down to pee and before I even had a chance to begin I noticed that I was leaking fluid. I should note that the day before this I had been having some light spotting and was told that it was normal and not to worry. Despite my gut feeling, I listened to my doctor and didn't go to the hospital. Okay, back to Sunday. I was leaking fluid. I freaked out. I walked out of the bathroom and told my husband that I was calling the doctor. Of course he thought I was having a paranoid pregnant moment (I hadn't taken the time to explain yet.) So I called my doctor's answering service. Much to my dismay the woman who answers was asleep!!!! It went like this:

Me: Dialing number. Phone Ringing.
Answering Service (AS): "The phone is ringing."
Me: "What?"
AS: "The phone is ringing. I'll get it."
Me: "I know, I'm calling. I need to speak to my doctor."

Well, finally the lady asked for my name and number, mumbled a little and then asked for it again. I decided that she was far to sleepy and wasn't going to be able to help. I called labor and delivery. They told me to come on in.

We left the house, my contractions were 2 minutes apart and by the time we reached the hospital they were around a minute or under. I was SO scared, so many thoughts running through my head. We arrived at the ER (We had to check in though there.), they knew I was on my way so I signed a paper and the attendant asked how far apart my contractions were and rushed me to the 3rd floor birthing center before my husband could even get back in from parking the car. So we made it upstairs and the monitors were turned on. It was 3:21 am. The nurse told me I was 6 cm, and then the Doctor checked and said I was 7cm. They gave me two meds to try to stop the contractions. It didn't work. The monitor was in the wrong place as I was having contractions and the doctor was like "It's not picking up your contractions." And I was thinking, well I'm having them! So, he walked out of the room. I told the nurse I was feeling some pressure (my first uncontrollable urge to push) She checked my cervix and went into the hall. Later I would find out that she was telling the doctor that I was 10cm PLUS 1 or 2. The doctor didn't rush in. Instead, the nurse came back. I again had another urge to push and this time is was FAR more painful and it felt like my entire body was contracting. I opened my mouth to tell the nurse that there was more pressure, but all that came out was a yell. Which I am SUPER embarrassed of btw! I could feel our baby girl crowing and I tried to fight it at first, but I knew she was coming no matter what and I should help her and keep it as stress free for her as possible. So I pushed. In that ONE HUGE push (at 4:24 am), our daughter came, quite literally, bursting out. My husband compared it to a water slide :\ lol. He did note that she was quite clean though. We heard her cry (THANK GOD!) and she was placed on my chest, my husband cut the cord a minute later and she was taken. We heard them say she was 4 lbs 11 oz and my heart was lifted just a little. Our 33 weeker was bigger than I could have hoped. She was taken off to the nursery after that and I had to wait to see her. Thankfully they let my husband go to her shortly after they took her.

Baby Girl Hearn had arrived weighting 4 lbs 11 oz, 16 inches long and a head of 12 inches. During labor they told us that she would have to be taken to a larger children's hospital because the hospital here was simply not able to take care of preemies. They put her under an oxygen hood and by the grace of God, she was fine. Her APGARs were 8 & 9. She remained under the hood until 3pm that day. She had a gavage (feeding tube) down her nose for about the first week. I was put on a every 2 hour pumping regimen and finally at about 9 days old she was off the gavage and nursing and bottle feeding full time :) She nurses VERY well btw, but we're allowing her the bottle to conserve calories.

Her lowest weight was a day or two after birth where she reached 1900 grams (4 lbs 3 oz). At 13 days old she was up to 2066 grams (4 lbs 9 oz). As of the 15th we are still in the hospital. Hopefully we'll make it home tomorrow (her two week mark). We're praying :)

*We came home March 17, 2008 with Lily back up to her birth weight of 4 lbs 11 oz :)


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